This website contains information and data produced by the Vesuvius Observatory, the Naples section of the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV), which is based in Naples (Italy), henceforward referred to as the Vesuvius Observatory - INGV. The information and data contained herein are subject to the following exclusion clauses regarding responsibility.

The Vesuvius Observatory cannot be held responsible for the information published on this website. It is our aim to provide members of the national and international scientific community and any other interested party with reliable scientific information. We will make it our duty to correct any errors which may be identified. However, the Vesuvius Observatory cannot accept responsibility for information published on this site. The material, a combination of general information, results of specific research, data from monitoring networks, is not necessarily comprehensive, complete, accurate, nor up-to-date. The material also enables the user to access other sites which the Vesuvius Observatory has no control over and for which the Observatory accepts no responsibility. The website does not claim to offer either a professional or legal consultancy service. It is important to remember that a document which is available on-line is not necessarily an exact copy of the original; the only version of the text which can be considered properly authentic is the hard copy held by the Vesuvius Observatory.

We will do our utmost to keep interruptions to a minimum. However, should the service break down for technical reasons the Vesuvius Observatory accepts no responsibility. The above exclusion clauses do not mean that the Observatory is exempt from normal current national legislation and the Observatory will assume its legal responsibilities whenever national law prevails and prevents its exemption.

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