Fabio Sansivero

ACTUAL POSITION: Technologist at INGV - Osservatorio Vesuviano, Napoli
ADDRESS: Osservatorio Vesuviano, via Diocleziano, 328 - 80124 Napoli, Italy

Phone: +39 0816108217

BORN: In Naples on 21th of January 1968 - Italy.
EDUCATION: Degree in Geology, 1995, at University of Naples "Federico II".

PhD Doctor in Volcanology, 1999 at  Dept. of Geophisics and Volcanology of University of Naples "Federico II".

RESEARCH ACTIVITIES:  Implementation of tecniques and metodologies for thermal monitoring of active volcanic areas
  Study of slope instability in volcanic areas and its relationships with volcanism
   Study of volcanic pyroclastic successions to investigate about eruption dynamics, transport mechanisms and depositional processes aimed to the definition of volcanic hazard


 Thermal monitoring of the shallow thermal structure of active volcanic areas by Thermal Infrared Imagery Monitoring Network. DPC-INGV [2005-2007].
  Production of very-high resolution DTMs in Grid format from vector carthography. MATT (PODiS - PON ATAS 2000-2006) [2006-2007]. 
  TIIMNet - Thermal Infrared Imagery Monitoring Network. PON [2003-2005].
  Thermal monitoring system of the Campania Region from proximal and remotely sensed data. Campanian Region L.R. 5 [2004-2005].
  e-Ruption - Telecommunication and Internet-Based Seismic Monitoring System for Volcanic Eruption Forecasting and Risk Management [Earth Observation Unit] . EU [2002-2005].
  Seismotectonic Remote Sensing of the Eastern Sicily. A.S.I.-A.R.S., [2002].
  Seismic Vulnerability of the Real Property of the Basilicata Region. P.O.P.-F.E.R.S. Basilicata Region 94/99, Misura 9.4., [1999-2001].
  Seismotectonic Information System of the Campanian Region. Partially supported by P.O.P.-F.E.R.S. Campania Region 94/99, Sottoprogramma 5, Misura 5.4, Azione 5.4.2., [1999-2001].
  Seismotectonic Risk analysis from remote sensing and 3-D geophysical GIS. A.S.I.-A.R.S., [1999].
  Characterization of the seismotectonic of the Vesuvian area supported by remote sensing techniques. A.S.I.-A.R.S., [1997] and [1998].
  Seismotectonic of the Vesuvian Area. G.N.V.-C.N.R., [1996] and [1998].
  Shallow and intermediate crustal structures of the southern Aeolian Islands. Committee 02-G.N.G.T.S.-C.N.R., [1995].
  Seismicity and structure of La Fossa cone (Vulcano, Aeolian Islands). G.N.V.-C.N.R, [1994].
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