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Completed Projects

The Campi Flegrei Caldera GIS Database

Digital Database including geologic, monitoring, and topographic datasets related to the Campi Flegrei Caldera. Geocoded Raster Images and Vector data are available in the Download section.

Morphology of the Somma-Vesuvius Volcanic Complex

Project founded by National Group of Volcanology (G.N.V.), Civil Protection Department and Italian Space Agency (A.S.I.) . The aim was to produce and disseminate a morphological database of the Somma-Vesuvius volcano. Images, morphological and geological data are available in the Download section


Telecommunication and Internet-Based Seismic Monitoring System for Volcanic Eruption Forecasting and Risk Management.

The principle objective of e-Ruption project, supported by EU Community, is to design and develop a prototype Internet and telecommunication-based seismic monitoring and early warning system for improved prediction of volcanic eruptions.

Thermal monitoring system of the Campania Region from proximal and remotely sensed data

Objective of the project is the development of the methodologies and of the technologies necessary for the Monitoring of the thermal flux of volcanoes and seismogenetic areas of the Campanian Region through the construction of a remote sensing and proximal thermal infrared monitoring system.

Fluid dynamic regime of magma mixing/minling processes and relationships between mixing processes and eruptive Dynamics

The research project has three main objectives: (a) The determination of the spatial scale at which the mixing-mingling transition occurs; (b) To clarify the role played by the fluid dynamical regime in the mixing process and in the mixing-mingling transition; (c) To evaluate the role played by the eruptive dynamics in the mixing process.


Seismic Vulnerability of the Real Property of the Basilicata Region

The main deliverable of this research project was the overall system produced as a knowledge-based decision making system for earthquake-related structural damage assessment at regional and local scale. Further goal was to make available, for the scientific community, national technical services and local councils, a powerful and purposeful tool for territorial thematic analysis.

S4 Project

A GIS system to support Emergencies of the Sarno Municipality

The purpose of the S4 project concerned the production of scientific and technical information, in cartographic digital format, about the geo-environmental phenomena which affect the area of Sarno Municipality. This task was pursued through the construction on the entire communal territory of Geographic Information System devoted to the forecast and the prevention of geo-environmental hazards.


Measuring Diffuse Degassing Structures

The principle objective of the project, co-sponsored by GNV, MURST and EU Community, is to develop a multidisciplinary methodology for the monitoring of diffuse degassing areas.

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