SISCam Project

Seismotectonic Information System of the Campania Region


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The major project goal  was to develop an Information System of the whole Campania area for improve the knowledge of the geodynamic processes affecting this seismically active, highly populated region. The Information System is oriented to the production of scientific and technical information for seismotectonic applications.

Permission to copy or reproduce parts of the Database is granted subject to full acknowledgement of the source in the following form:

Vilardo G., Bronzino G., Terranova C. (2009). Seismotectonic Information System of the Campania Region (SISCam 2.0), © LGC 2009, Laboratory of Geomatics and Cartography, Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia, Osservatorio Vesuviano,

N.B. It also stresses that, for a proper citation of thematic layer extracted from external databases is necessary to refer to the information quoted in the dialogue box that opens by clicking the left mouse button on the theme name

A special thanks to Armin Burger, developer of the p.mapper software, as well as, to all who cooperated with him to the success of the p.mapper project. 

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